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Video Killed the Radio Star

Happy 25th Birthday MTV. While I haven’t been watching much the past 25 years, so many others has worldwide. Here in the beginning of the digital millennium, I’m sure your short format series and other solid grip on constant change and renewal will keep you going another 25 years for sure.

Strike for Skype creators?

So the Scandinavian (and BusinessWeek) papers are going at it again. Friis and Zennström (the minds behind Kazaa and skype) are supposedly working on something new call “The Venice Project”. It’s claimed to be about tv and video but not much more. I’ll be quite impressed if the mange to rock the web a third time.

iPod reactions from the past

Web archives and the IT-business has always been a fun combination. Some sites with great expectations crash and burn fast – while other underdogs seem to make it quite well. Predictions and initial expectations seems to be just as bad no matter if it’s hardware, software or devices… Take these iPod comments from the initial launch as a great example, that you really shouldn’t try too hard to predict that future of IT too stubbornly.

Access denied

I was browsing across some pages at Telia Mobile – one of the largest mobile providers in Denmark (and Scandinavia) and frankly, their webshop leaves something to be desired in terms o user-friendly behaviour. I can to some extend accept to be rejected if there are reasonable reasons behind it, but this rejection – that’s just too much and too amaturish in 2005: LOST IMAGE First the Internet Explorer doesn’t ship with OSX any more – Safari does and shouold be supported, if you intend to support Mac-users.

Apple and Rosa

Under the ”think different” theme, Apple currently pays tribute to Rosa Parks, who recently passed away. While Apple has used their frontpage earlier to make statements, it is quite refreshing once again to see a large company which dares to make a statement and pay a tribute [via].