PHP Dynamic Caching with ZendPlatform

I recently had a little fun playing with the dynamic cache available in the Zend Platform. The Zend Platform is a commercial product, which provides a number of cool professional features to a PHP setup - one of these is the option to do dynamic caching. With dynamic caching you can cache the output of a function for a determined period and instead of doing database queries or web service calls for a feature, you can cache the results, save resources and get faster pages.

ZendStudio for Eclipse

For professional PHP development, nothing beats ZendStudio in my book. Currently ZendStudio is in the process of moving from a standalone application to something build on top of Eclipse. I’m sure it might be a wise move on the long term, but there are a few things bugging me with th current version. The number one issue is shown in the screenshot to the right. Would someone please tell either Eclipse or ZendStudio, that PHP files do not need to be build, compiled or what ever it is doing - besides wasting my time for a few minutes.

Zend Framework - Ready or not?

We are a fairly large PHP shop at work running some of the largest Danish websites. In a fairly new project, it was suggested that we considered using the Zend Framework to fast track development and piggy back upon some of the components provided by the framework. We looked at it, and said no – at least for now. Since the Zend Framework website does an excellent sales pitch on why you should use it, here’s some of the arguments why you should restrain from using the framework.

Zend Studio 4

For all the PHP freaks, the number one PHP Company, Zend, has released a new version of their Zend Studio 4. It’s probably the coolest way to develop professional PHP applications and besides a load of new features it seems to be running faster.