Gmail filter feature wanted

I’ve been moving a fairly large part of my private mail to my Gmail account. Gmail do have some amazing features for searching, labeling and handling mail and the virtually unlimited storage is also pretty cool - Much cooler than keeping a huge mail-archive on an IMAP-server or having it on a local fragile hard disk. One of the more recent things I’ve started using GMail for is backups of this site.

GMail filter/spam buglike feature

Gmail from Google is usually great, but it does have some bug-like features. One of the most annoying is when your inbound mail is tagged with a label and should have been auto-archived, but is caught by their spam filter and placed in the spam folder. Discovering and finding the mail in the spam folder is easy, but when you tell Gmail, that the mail isn’t spam, it doesn’t pop in to the archive (where the filter-rule should have put it).

Google Docs Secure

A number of podcasts and websites have mentioned that you can get your Gmail SSL encrypted by just adding a small s in the url (from http:// to https:// in the url). Cool. But wait there’s more… it seems to work for Google Docs and Google Reader too. While I doubt the usefulness of an encrypted RSS Reader, there’s certainly a great vaule in having encrypted access to documents used with Google Docs.

Mark all messages as read in an imap folder

The follow script marks all files in a folder as read. You need to pass hostname, username and password as commandline parameters to the script and the script is hardwired to mark all files in a folder call “INBOX.spam” (Cyrus IMAP folder naming convention). #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Mail::IMAPClient::BodyStructure; use Mail::IMAPClient; my ($serv, $usr, $pwd) = (@ARGV); # server, username and password as comandline parameters... my $imap = Mail::IMAPClient->new(Server=>$serv,User=>$usr,Password=>$pwd); my @folders = $imap->folders; foreach my $f (@folders) { print "$f is a folder with ", $imap->message\_count($f), " messages.

POP3: List messages in mailbox

Lists sender and subject on all mails in mailbox. MIME::WordDecoder is used to parse heads as most mails often has ISO-8859-1 encoded parts. It should be save to test it on any mailbox as it dosn’t change or remove anything from the mailbox. #!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use strict; use Mail::POP3Client; use MIME::WordDecoder; my ($serv, $usr, $pwd) = (@ARGV); # server, username and password as comandline parameters... my $wd = default MIME::WordDecoder; my $pop = new Mail::POP3Client( USER => $usr, PASSWORD => $pwd, HOST => $serv ); print "Found " .