Comment spam

I hate comment spammers. I really do. The SCode captacha works, but the load the evil spammers create is pretty bad in itself. The comments were disabled a few hours, but they’re back now, after some counter measures has been applied.

9 Years in jail for Spamming

A man and his sister, who sent unsolicited junk email to millions of America Online customers, have been convicted in the first felony prosecution of distributors of spam in the US. Finally, the US is beginning to put spammers behind bars, thank you.

There is something good about spam

Now usually spam is evil, annoying and a bloody pain. It does however have rare moments of actual usefulness. On an average day my mailbox seems to be stormed by more than two hundred spam mails from just about every where on the planet. Thanks to server-side filters combined with mozillas learning filters, they all seem to disappear into a consolidated spambox. I can check the box (too look for any false positives), and if the box hasn’t gotten any new mail for more than an hour, something is most likely wrong in my mail setup.