Sharing photos

I’m not usually playing too much around on Windows apart from using office and teams - and other software bound to windows which company work require. A small event on an ongoing project however did require some small exploration into Windows and what could be done to solve a simple task. We had an all-day event, where multiple photos were taken on mobile phones througout the day. I needed to collect the photos, sort them and share them.

Gallery & WPG upgradeded

It seems it upgrade time. Today it was the Gallery and the WordPressGallery plugin that was upgraded. While I usually get it to work (somehow), it’s always slightly scary. URL’s in the Gallery is a mess (and changed since the old version of the WPG plugin), but the Gallery seem to be running and the site sort of sane again.

Converting between image formats with Perl

Changing files from one format to another is quite easy with a little bit of ImageMagick . In the example below a JPG image (test.jpg) is converted into a GIF-image (test.gif). To output in a different (ImageMagick supported ) format, just change the “image->Set” line. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use Image::Magick; my $image = Image::Magick->new(); # To explicitly set image format use this instead: # my $image = Image::Magick->new(magick=> 'JPEG'); my $x = $image->Read('test.

Reading Exif data with PHP

Within most photos from digital cameras besides the actual image, there’s a little ”information block” call EXIF data. If you have the correct PHP extension installed on your server – the one called ”exif” – it’s pretty easy to read the EXIF data and display them, as you like. First, let’s check if the extension is available? $load\_ext = get\_loaded\_extensions(); if (!in\_array(exif, $load\_ext)) { echo "Exif is NOT available"; } else { echo "Exif extension is available.

Gallery2 - moving to new URL

Long ago I installed Gallery2. It was initially just a test installation to see if it worked, as it should. Being a test install it was just placed at /g2/ on this server. Time passed. It just worked and before long, there were a large number of photos (with metadata) in the gallery. So how do you move it to a slightly more suitable location without breaking too many things? I tried it a few times before, but with very little success.