Using (Google) Calendar for domains

Here’s a little trick, which is has proven itself just as useful as it is easy. To most companies handling domains is critical task, as losing your domain name may have catastrophic consequences. Handling domains isn’t particularly hard, but there are some tasks, that may be time-critical to handle in due time - luckily Google Calendar provides an easy way to help make sure these tasks are handled. (In this little tip, I’m using Google Calendar as the reference, but Outlook.

Make meetings with yourself

The past months my calendar at work seems to have been a pure mayhem of meetings, seminars and other activities away from my desk and the feeling of during actual work. There are however one trick, which seems to do magic – make a meeting without inviting anyone. In modern offices with enterprise calendaring systems such as Outlook&/Exchange setting up meetings is much easier than ever before (maybe too easy but that’s a topic for another post).

Project Management - From tada to todo

I do like and appluade 37Signals for their narrow focus on small but efficient and unbloated online applications and I was probably an early adopter of their tadalists – a tool for managing todolists. While I didn’t use them as actual todolists, they were more like a place to collect thoughs and move them (usually) into project plans which lived elsewere. That has come to an end. I’ve switched to an other wonderful system called Remember The Milk.