Movable Type

Wordpress live...

Somethings changed. There’s a new look on the site and there’s a new engine under the hood. It’s seemed to be the time to switch from Movable Type to Wordpress – instead of the constant fighting with MovableType to keep things together a few years (after making too many hacks all around the MT-files), this new site hardly has a single hack – it’s just by the book and pieced together by standard components.

The legacy Pain

When your fresh young company, you can do everything right from the start – choose the right tools, use the best technology and make a lean mean profit machine. When your an elder company, you usually have a lot of legacy and history to carry on. While trying to move this website from Movable Type to a fresh Wordpress engine, I just realized, that a website almost 10 years old, also have a lot of legacy issues, which I need to handle :-)

Look Sharp

After finishing the redesign project on, I found a few hours to finish the redesign of this site. The former look never really got around to looking somewhat decent in Internet Explorer and never worked very well in general (except for some prettier colors). This look is an odd mixture of nifty cube, Yahoo User Interface Library, Movable Type and some homebrewed components. Should you find any serious issues, let me know.

Upgrades and fixes

So after salvaging a bunch of content from Google’s cache and other sources, I’ve started working on getting the site back online with a new design and a few new surprises which has been due for quite a while. First step was bump up the MovableType engine to the 3.12 version and installing a bunch of plugins – MTBlackList, MTMultiblog and others. I still need a few things left to do in the MT plugin department, but it seems a large number of plugins haven’t been upgraded to MT3.