Using Bruno with 1Password

*** This is a draft. Please expect updates *** Bruno is an open source alternative to tools like Postman or Insomnia. Both are nice, but they also seem to becoming more complicated than I really need, so I’ve been looking for something else. Initially I didn’t have more complicated needs than wanting a tool to tinker and play with simple REST APIs, so I looked around and found Bruno. As many APIs require some authentication, you often need to manage credentials, tokens or other sensitive data which shouldn’t be in your git repo, and luckily Bruno has a nice way it can be used with 1Password which is my password manager of choice.

Git for other stuff

Git is often refered to as a source control tool. It’s useful both for teams working on a shared source code as well as individuals how wants a log of the changes in their sourcecode over time. While sourcecode handling is the most common use case, Git itself isn’t per say limited to just managing sourcecode and using Git repositories for non-sourcecode may also have value in your daily work. This post is a small apetizer of some of the cases I’ve been using Git for non-sourcecode.

Advent of code 2021

I’ve once again had fun with Advent of code. I’m still using it as a motivation to learn and be better at programming Go(lang). Here are some observations from the challenge rund this year: The hardest challenges was more often in understanding the task and make sure all rules was understood correctly. Despite Go (1.17) being a small language, it has all needed to solve any of the challenges. While I may not write Idiomatic Go - I do write readable code - even for people who don’t know Golang.

Sharing photos

I’m not usually playing too much around on Windows apart from using office and teams - and other software bound to windows which company work require. A small event on an ongoing project however did require some small exploration into Windows and what could be done to solve a simple task. We had an all-day event, where multiple photos were taken on mobile phones througout the day. I needed to collect the photos, sort them and share them.

Looping thorugh the Alphabet in GoLang

In a recent Go programming task I needed to loop through the letters from a to z. I also needed the capital letter from A to Z. For-looping thorugh the letters in Go is luckily a breeze. The easiest way is just using a Rune. A Rune is an int32 which represent a unicode character. As a rune (the variable r below) is a Unicode character, it allows me to use the ToUpper() from the unicode package to find the Uppercase version of the letter.