Sharing photos

I’m not usually playing too much around on Windows apart from using office and teams - and other software bound to windows which company work require. A small event on an ongoing project however did require some small exploration into Windows and what could be done to solve a simple task. We had an all-day event, where multiple photos were taken on mobile phones througout the day. I needed to collect the photos, sort them and share them.

Keeping the software current Windows

Modern computers contains al lot of software. A fully updated fresh windows installation contains well over 50.000 files - and before it being “usable” with the most common applications, plugins, addons and extensions for the software you use on a daily basis, you’ve probably added so much more, that you’ve completely lost count of what’s been installed. It’s a pretty bad situation in terms of security and software maintenance/updating. WindowsUpdate has come part of the way.

The big nothing

So, I was actually using Microsoft Windows for quite a while. My first windows was Windows/286 which was nothing like the current Windows, but it was okay somehow. Today I just realized that I haven’t really been using Windows on any of my own machines and even though Vista was released three months ago, I haven’t seen it yet. It is sort of funny, but since switching to a Mac, I’ve been spending less time keeping the machine running – debugging, tweaking and doing other odd stuff – and more time doing actual fun work at the computer – like expanding my portfolio at istockphoto.

Rest in Peace Windows98 / WindowsME

If you are among the 70.000.000 users, who still use windows 98 or Windows Millennium, your operating system has reached end-of-life today and will no longer be patched for security or supported by Microsoft. If you can’t afford the update, you may consider upgrading to Ubuntu or some other free system for your computer.

From windows to mac

Generally speaking moving from Windows to OS X has been a far lesser challenge than excepted. So far I’m only missing a few applications from the Windows world and most daily tasks on the Mac has been surprisingly easy to figure out. Here are some of the challenges I’ve had most difficulty with. The Keyboard The keyboard layout (at least on Danish keyboards) are slightly different from the keyboards on Windows and Linux - the $ sign, the @ sign and several other keys are placed on different locations, and it certainly slows down the typing when you can’t find the keys you need.