Outsourcing blog parts

It seems to be very modern to outsource thse days, and I’m trying to keep up. A while back I switched my RSS feeds from Wordpress Build-in services to FeedBurner. It was a win-win. Has a lot less load and feedburner does a lot of work to make sure the Feeds are in top-notch shape. Yesterday another little change happended. All the website commenting were outsourced to Disqus. The signup procedure was a breze and they had a nice plugin available for wordpress making the switch a 5 second job.

Letting others feed the web for you

I follow a ton of sites on the web. I go for a morning surf through each and every one of them; I use an aggregator which checks the feeds from the websites, and tell me where to go for news. I guess most people do this – using feeds to find updates and then visit the site to check out the content.This way of tracking sites has changed one important thing on this website – the most popular file on the site is no longer the frontpage nor is it at particular popular page with a high Google ranking – it’s the feeds.

Parsing RSS feeds is a neat service for managing an online bookmark collection. With a little bit of Perl and a few CPAN modules, you can fetch your most recent bookmarks and include them as links on your homepage. The sample script could be used in a cronjob and creates a file on you local server. It downloads my bookmark feed, chops it down to the ten most recent bookmarks and writes a unordered bullet list.

Combined Feed available

For the Danish and English reading folks there’s a new combined feed available which sources news from both the Danish and the English track of this site. Enjoy.