Technical Tips for video meetings

It seems a lot of people have already written a lot on the etiquette of video meetings, so in this little post, I’ll try to contribute with some of the technical tips which doesn’t seem to be covered as much. Network connection While wifi seem to work fine mostly, it can cause issues. If you have the option to use a wired connection for you device used for videomeetings, do so.

D-Link Wifi

The past few days I’ve been toying with Wifi equipment from D-Link – and access point (DWL-G700AP) and a wireless router (DI-524). These were pretty much the first to wifi-devices, which I’ve completely setup, and configured on my own, so it was an interesting experience. The first experience was in the weekend, when I tried to get a basic TDC Broadband (DSL) connection made avaiable wirelessly. Not knowing too much about Wifi, I though the Access Point was the thing to get, and the DWL-G700AP seemed to be a fair deal in the local IT-vendor.