The Plan is alive...

It’s almost funny in a tragic sort of way how many project managers seems to think a project plan is a one-time event in the project. It isn’t. It is a continious task through out the project. As the project progresses, a bright project manager ajusts the plan so it fits the actual project progress. If the project plan isn’t updated, there might be selveral reasons. Updating the plan maybe causing a headace and take hours and hours.

The Project Managers Triangle

It seems many novice project managers think they can have it all, but of course it isn’t so. You do need to mange and care for your project for it to become a success. A basic and easy tool every project manager should know is the project manager’s triangle. The triangle looks linke this: Image Lost It’s a navigation tool. It tells you, that when managing your project, there are the areas you can use to change course – time, resources and contents.