Make the most of meetings

Every workplace seem to have a certain fondness for mettings, and some organizations seems to have so many meetings that they hardly have time to mind their business. There are a few tricks, which can help you make the most of meetings – or at least lessen the pain. If you’re invited to a meeting… As a general rule expect at least two days notice before any meeting with more than 3 participants.

No morning meetings

Generally I’m a fan of the GTD-thinking, and while I may not be following the system (yet anyway) I have picked up a few habits, which seems to help a lot. I’ll try to post a few items on some of the things, which seems to work for me. First item on that list, is the ”no morning meetings”. Whenever I manage my calendar, I make an effort to keep the first 30 to 60 minutes after I get to work free of meetings and other interruptions.