No morning meetings

Generally I’m a fan of the GTD-thinking, and while I may not be following the system (yet anyway) I have picked up a few habits, which seems to help a lot. I’ll try to post a few items on some of the things, which seems to work for me. First item on that list, is the ”no morning meetings”. Whenever I manage my calendar, I make an effort to keep the first 30 to 60 minutes after I get to work free of meetings and other interruptions.

This is really a simple trick, but it does do some magic to my day. I use the time to get into ”work mode”, to go over the agenda for the day, checkup on any events which may have happened since yesterday and prepare for any activities throughout the day.

Using a little time every morning works great of me, and by running through the entire agenda for the day, is doesn’t seem to be stressed or annoyed if a meeting is switched to another time or delays happens between meetings – I rarely need the “in between meetings” time to prepare for the next items on the daily agenda.