Create a random password with PHP

Some websites require access control, and sometimes you may need to generate a password for a user. Here’s a simple function that can do just that. The $base-variable contains the characters allowed in the password. The supplied string may be changed, but the selected charaters should exist on all keyboards (as far as I know). When calling the function, you can specify the lenght of the password you want. Simple, right?

Cracking the Cryptex with PHP

In the book “the Davinci Code” there was a fun little device called a cryptex.. A Cryptex has 6 dials with 6 letters on each, and only one combination producing a word will open it. The most straight forward way to crack it would be to try every combination one by one, but there’s a substantial number of combinations and we know only those which a valid words is a candidate.

To hide a secret in the open

Suppose you want to write a system, which requires a password to do something. Not a login system, but just a shared secret. Suppose also, that you need to show someone the source code, but you don’t want him or her, the secret password can you do that. Sure. Here’s a simple way to do it with PHP.

Cracking the Cryptext with PHP

In the book the DaVinci code there’s a fun little device called a “Cryptex”. It a container for a secret message, and to open it, you need to align some dials to the correct position. In an quiz somewhere you were invited to crack such a cryptext consisting of 6 dials with 6 letters on each to find the correct combination, which would spell a word. To find the solution quickly, all you need is PHP.