Access denied

I was browsing across some pages at Telia Mobile – one of the largest mobile providers in Denmark (and Scandinavia) and frankly, their webshop leaves something to be desired in terms o user-friendly behaviour. I can to some extend accept to be rejected if there are reasonable reasons behind it, but this rejection – that’s just too much and too amaturish in 2005:


First the Internet Explorer doesn’t ship with OSX any more – Safari does and shouold be supported, if you intend to support Mac-users.

Second Internet Explorer hasn’t been updated since June 2003 – Windows users, can you remember how many security updates you’ve had since then? (while all may not apply for the Mac version, I’m quite sure some – and even some critical – does.

Third when you refer to an alternate browser, do check that the refered link is for the Mac version of Internet Explorer – a URL containing /windows/ should make some alarm bells go off.

and finally, while WebStandards support should be a reasonable expectation in 2005 (soon 2006), you should at least let people try to get into the website – with an ”unsupported browser” warning – not lock the door and deny access.

I know it isn’t an in-house system from Telia, but an external shop-partner, but come on – I’m visiting Telia Mobile, this is your image getting scarred.

Check link: Telia Mobile Webshop.