Net News

Project Management - From tada to todo

I do like and appluade 37Signals for their narrow focus on small but efficient and unbloated online applications and I was probably an early adopter of their tadalists – a tool for managing todolists. While I didn’t use them as actual todolists, they were more like a place to collect thoughs and move them (usually) into project plans which lived elsewere. That has come to an end. I’ve switched to an other wonderful system called Remember The Milk.

Small smart books

It’s always nice to see the Internet enable new businesses and products to exist, and the pragmatic programmers has in their latest venture – Fridays – shown a new interesting idea (which I’m sure others has done before, but not in the same quality I expect from them). Small books in PDF format only available online – fewer pages, lesser price, narrow topic – it’s sounds quite interesting.

Weather Widget

If you’re a European Mac user, and using the weather widget in Dashboard, now would be a good time to replace the Widget from AccuWeather with a BBC Weather Widget. The weather reporting and forecasts a much closer to the real world than accuweather has ever been.

Apple keynote MacWorld SF2005

Apple choose not to do a live feed from Jobs keynote at MacWorld SanFran this time, but with a little delay it’s available online. Some surprises was spoiled ahead, but there was a number of cool introductions – The Mac OS X Tiger, iPod Shuffle (flash player), Mac Mini (headless computer), iWork (office-like suite) and an update to iLife (Moives, Photos and more). I’m still looking for PowerBook updates though. Where are they?

9 Years in jail for Spamming

A man and his sister, who sent unsolicited junk email to millions of America Online customers, have been convicted in the first felony prosecution of distributors of spam in the US. Finally, the US is beginning to put spammers behind bars, thank you.