Net News

Content vs. Functions

In Denmark most of the major websites are members of the FDIM - the Association of Danish Internet Media - and thanks to this association there’s a weekly hit list which provides a comparable overview of the traffic and users on Danish websites. An article (in Danish) at Vertical made an interesting observation - on the Internet function, not content, is king.

Mobile Market in Denmark

It’s an interesting time for the mobile market in Denmark. After wild and impressive expansion for years, almost everyone owns a mobile phone and the market don’t support the mad expansion rates any more. Currently we seem to be in consolidation mode, where first TDC bought (first Telefona and later the much more famous) Telmore. Today Sonofon then bought the biggest budget company using their network CBB. With prices at rock bottom, it’ll be interesting to see how mobile companies will try to steal customers from each other and if small companies like M1 will survive.