Backups, Wordpress & GMail

Backups seem to be a constant pain for just about everyone. It’s something we know we should do, but somehow never get around to actually doing. Since switching to Wordpress on this site, things have been different though. One of my many installed wordpress Plugins is the Wordpress Backup plugin. It runs once a day and makes a complete backup of my wordpress database (with all these precious posts) and sends it in a mail to my Gmail-account.

Wanted (source)code plugin for Wordpress

The past days I’ve been posting stories with a few code samples – Perl, PHP, Javasscript and/or HTML. While Wordpress is fantastic to a number of things, handling sourcecode examples in the posts, reallly isn’t one of them. I’ve been playing with a number of plugins, but none of them really works for me. What I’m looking for is this: It must be able to handle HTML, Javasscript, PHP and Perl sourcecode.

Wordpress 404 Notifier broken?

While trying to respect the notion that URLs dont change, moving to a completely different engine for a website is bound to cause many URL changes. I’ve been trying to redirect old broken URLs to their new destination, and one of the tools was the 404 Notifier plugin for Wordpress. The idea is that you configure it to send you a mail every time a 404 error occur. I did that and configured it to mail me at my GMail address (with endless storeage).

Wordpress plugins at work

Publishing a list of which pluins you use seems to be popular among Wordpress users, so here’s my contribution in case you’re wondering, which plugins are in use around this site. Askimet - Anti-comment spam (comes with wordpress) Amazon Showcase (hacked) - Displays the “Currently reading” on the frontpage; hacked to display valid XHTML. FeedBurner FeedSmith - Handles the Feeds from the site (and moves load a way from this server).

The new design

Just in case you’re wondering, this new design isn’t a homebrew. Moving content and other stuff from the old (movable type powered) site to this new platform was hard enough without me having to challenge myself to come up with a design and learn how to create a wordpress theme from scratch. The core of the design is from gluedideas’ subtle theme. I’ve made it 200 pixels wider than the orgininal, but that’s about it on the theme side of this.