Kubuntu update

The new scheduled update to Kubunu hit the net as planned a few days ago. The new release is named Edgy Eft (the previous release was called Dapper Drake). This is not a Long Term Support release, but it is a stable release, so I upgraded. While it wasn’t a completely smooth process, I was running and at full speed within an hour. Here’s how I did it. The Dapper Drake was fully patched to the newest version of all installed packages.

Switch – Fedora to KUbuntu

So I may be slightly atypical. 18 months ago I decided to drop Windows. For a while I’ve been running OSX at home, but since it required new hardware at work, it wasn’t an option there. So I switched to Fedora (our Linux God at work was runing it, and it always nice with an expert around to save the day :-) ). Friday however I switch to KUbuntu and unassisted.