ftp on OSX Lion

While it really isn’t secure at any measure, ftp is a very useful way of moving files around. Apple’s OSX have a build-in basic ftp server, but in Lion (version 10.7) the user interface seems to have disappeared from the User interface. The servers is still available under the hood if you need it. To enable the ftp-server (the availability) enter this command in a terminal window: sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.

Salvaging a deleted message from Thunderbird

Suppose you got an important mail, but by accident deleted the message – and to make matters worse, you also decided that emptying the mailbox was a pretty neat idea. Is then time to Panic? Well it might, but there is a chance you might be able to undelete the message – and quite easily if you’re on a Mac or a Linux machine. Here are the few steps, which has helped recover a lost mail or two… First close Thunderbird.

Looking forward - looking back

There are some fundamental differences in how Microsoft and Apple does things. If you haven’t been aware of them before switching from a Windows based computer to a Mac, you’ll probably notice some of them pretty fast. One of the first things I discovered is that things are more “binary” in the Mac world. If you have an external device it either works with the Mac or it doesn’t. There isn’t that middle ground from the windows world where it almost works, but not quite - or worse it works in even week numbers but not when the sun shine.

The big nothing

So, I was actually using Microsoft Windows for quite a while. My first windows was Windows/286 which was nothing like the current Windows, but it was okay somehow. Today I just realized that I haven’t really been using Windows on any of my own machines and even though Vista was released three months ago, I haven’t seen it yet. It is sort of funny, but since switching to a Mac, I’ve been spending less time keeping the machine running – debugging, tweaking and doing other odd stuff – and more time doing actual fun work at the computer – like expanding my portfolio at istockphoto.

Everything is cooler on a Mac

… even crashes. While it shouldn’t matter too much, the eye candy (cool graphics, sweet effects and other eye pleasing stuff) on a Mac even makes me smile from time to time – and you just have a little more forgiveness to a program, which crashes with grace. Take Adium - my favourite Instant Messaging client. Being a multi language expert (and thus speaking both MSN, Jabber, GTalk, ICQ and other protocols) it does have a hard time, and some times – weeks if not months apart – a may go down in flames.