Ubunutu Uncomplicated Firewall

I’m still enjoying the fresh new Ubunutu 9.04, and one of the nice new features is a firewall – which Canonical calls “Uncomplicated Firewall”. I’m usually not hooked on firewalls, but just for the fun of it I enabled the firewall on my laptop and it seems to work quite well. The firewall doesn’t seem to have any noticeable impact on system performance and as the laptop from time to time visits open wifi’s, it’s probably a good idea to have protection from other users on open networks.

kUbuntu 7.10

Just a few days before leaving for South Africa, the latest version af Ubuntu was released. I really didn’t have the nerve to try and upgrade before my vacation, but today was the day. Ubuntu is an operating system – like windows – but based upon (Debian) Linux. It can probably do everything you need – and it’s free. With the packaging done to Linux by the Ubuntu team(s), it’s a complete user-friendly and easy to use alternative for most computer users, and it has worked pretty well for me for the quite some time.

Faster, bigger, better, more

If you noticed a small disruption of the service on the site, don’t panic. I’ve switched to a new server with more power. All things should be running smoothly thanks to the Linux God who manage the server.

Online... again

Sometime during the night between Thursday and Friday last week, the disk RAID in this server burned two disks and forgot to enable the spare disk in the RAID. The server went down, the lights went out and the site (along with the other sites hosted here). Thanks to a Linux Magician we have a new server running – and the content should eventually start to reappear with the next few days (and weeks).