One step forward, one step back

Apple has finally released a new upate to OS X (”Tiger”) – version 10.4.3. It has been roumored to include 500+ fixes, but so far I’ve only noticed to changes – it broke the latest version of the EyeHome-software and they finally fixed the connectivity issues with my SonyEricsson P900 phone – I can sync and I’m pleased.

Apple and Rosa

Under the ”think different” theme, Apple currently pays tribute to Rosa Parks, who recently passed away. While Apple has used their frontpage earlier to make statements, it is quite refreshing once again to see a large company which dares to make a statement and pay a tribute [via].

Apple keynote MacWorld SF2005

Apple choose not to do a live feed from Jobs keynote at MacWorld SanFran this time, but with a little delay it’s available online. Some surprises was spoiled ahead, but there was a number of cool introductions – The Mac OS X Tiger, iPod Shuffle (flash player), Mac Mini (headless computer), iWork (office-like suite) and an update to iLife (Moives, Photos and more). I’m still looking for PowerBook updates though. Where are they?