Cracking the Cryptext with PHP

In the book the DaVinci code there’s a fun little device called a “Cryptex”. It a container for a secret message, and to open it, you need to align some dials to the correct position. In an quiz somewhere you were invited to crack such a cryptext consisting of 6 dials with 6 letters on each to find the correct combination, which would spell a word. To find the solution quickly, all you need is PHP.

Developers, Designers and Templates

David HH has an interesting piece on “The false promise of template languages“. While neither Perl nor PHP may offer the same clean syntax in the code as Ruby can do, it does indeed raise a few interesting questions about how actually benefit from the templates and who does in the space between designers and developers.
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Secure PHP Programming

A new group has appeared on the net – the PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC). It is an international group of PHP experts dedicated to promoting secure programming practices within the PHP community. Nice. While many PHP developers make sites people are supposed to use and enjoy, few as actual education and experience in how to make secure applications and websites.

Through projects and articles, they’ll try to educate PHP developers.

php | architect

If you’re php developer you should check out php | architect. It a monthly magazine aimed at PHP developers and actually quite good. It used to come in PDF-format only, but has recently also launched a dead trees version. It’s a nice mixture of tips, software reviews, interviews and programming techniques. While all articles isn’t equally interesting, it is certainly well worth the US$2.09 which the PDF-version cost. A free copy available from their site.