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Developers, Designers and Templates

David HH has an interesting piece on “The false promise of template languages“. While neither Perl nor PHP may offer the same clean syntax in the code as Ruby can do, it does indeed raise a few interesting questions about how actually benefit from the templates and who does in the space between designers and developers.
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Clientside sortable tables with memory

It’s been awhile since Stuart Langridge released some cool javascript which allows you t do client-side sorting of tables in an unobtrusive manner. Soon after Andy Edmonds released a merge with a function to made alternating row coloring he had made. Now Caspar has done a little magic and added (cookie) memory to the script – so it remember you most recent sort from visit to visit. The code is in my pre-alpha markup area.

Namespace crash in HTML forms

Today’s evil headache was caused by something as simple – yet annoying – as a two HTML form elements having the same name (but different types and uses in the form). The lesson learned is that if a field in a form is submitted but contains nothing – check if another object in the form has the same name and make changes if you need to.