Site News

Welcome to the "new" old site

Let’s call it lift off… This site has been online in some form or another for 10+ years. During that time I’ve been runing a static HTML site (eventually with a few CGI’s), later on Movable Type a few years and most recently an odd mixture of Wordpress, Gallery2 and custom code. During the past months I’ve been trying to make things somewhat simpler, and what you’re looking at right now, is the first step - a new look (though a standard Wordpress theme and a drastically reduced plugin collection).

A Premium look

Welcome to a fresh look on I’ve never been quite satisfied with the old look, and stumbled across the WP_Premium theme which looked quite nice. It’s now live in a lightly hacked version. Therre are quite a few things I’d like to hack further but in the spirit of the Internet Way of doing things, it’s probably best to release something slightly broken - and let updates happen “when I find the time”(tm).

Wordpress 2.6

A new wordpress has been released (2.6). I’ve upgraded - took 60 seconds and caused no issues what so ever (- so far anyway). There isn’t one big new thing, but a fair number of improvements in many different areas. Get the latest version from the Wordpress site.

Outsourcing blog parts

It seems to be very modern to outsource thse days, and I’m trying to keep up. A while back I switched my RSS feeds from Wordpress Build-in services to FeedBurner. It was a win-win. Has a lot less load and feedburner does a lot of work to make sure the Feeds are in top-notch shape. Yesterday another little change happended. All the website commenting were outsourced to Disqus. The signup procedure was a breze and they had a nice plugin available for wordpress making the switch a 5 second job.

Website Traffic Tracking

Do you have a website? If so please go to the place you store the access logs, and check how much disk space they use. Having a website a few yours old, you’re probably looking at gigabytes, and what exactly is the value of that? Sure keeping track of traffic levels is sort of interesting, but sometimes you need to balance the value provided by the space/resources required, and I’ve been slowly changing the way I use the access logs on this site.