Project Management

Scary Docs

XXX image lost XXX Placing your documents online, does require trust in the online service you choose to use. I usually have a pretty solid trust in google. They do however from time to time have some glitches. After getting the message in the screenshot for an hour, I did start to get the chills, as the document as long and didn’t exist anywhere else. After an hour or so, it did however reappear.

Gmail filter feature wanted

I’ve been moving a fairly large part of my private mail to my Gmail account. Gmail do have some amazing features for searching, labeling and handling mail and the virtually unlimited storage is also pretty cool - Much cooler than keeping a huge mail-archive on an IMAP-server or having it on a local fragile hard disk. One of the more recent things I’ve started using GMail for is backups of this site.

Weekly Review

It’s that time of the week again, and since my list for the weekly review was pretty slim, I thought I’d share one of my productivity gems. As the name suggest it’s a weekly process where the activities of the past week as well as the coming week is reviewed and processed. The goal Like a few of my other habits this one is an adoption of the Getting Things Done.

So I’m 4 years ahead...

In March 2003 I barked about a Meeting clock. It must be a great idea, when MAKE reference it and sort make it a reality almost 4 years after, right? – If you liked the Meeting clock, there probably are a few other inspirational toughts in the Project Management category, enjoy.

GTD: Inbox Messages Zero

It took just over a year, but I’ve finally done it. My inbox contains zero messages. It is a little bit scary, since it hasn’t been empty for the past… well since it was created over a decade ago. I’m not sure it’ll stay there on a daily basis, but I’m quite sure it’ll never reach the thousands of messages ever again. I’ve have been toying with GTD, and while it would probably be more efficient to dive in and go completely native (in GTD), I’m taking the slow adoption curve and try to adopt practices one step at a time and letting them prove to me, that they actually work.