It seems I don’t find time to do too many stories to the site currently. I do however twitter occasionally. As a convenience I’ve added the latests twitters on the site too…

Nortel VoIP: It just feels wrong

XXX Lost image XXX I have a VoIP phone on my desk. It’s part of the Corporate VoIP solution, and in most cases it works pretty well. One of my favorite features is the ability to act as a meeting phone with the speaker on. It usually works great, but there is one thing with the speaker feature, which just feels wrong – to turn off the speaker, you press the hangup buttom.

Google and the iPhone

Appleinsider has an interesting little story. It reports how the iPhone usage shocks Google being far above the expectations. I don’t have any expectations, have so far not used nor touched an iPhone, but frankly you shouldn’t be too surprised. Sure I’ll probably get blamed as an Apple fanboy, but I hardly know any other company who is able to - so successfully - match the possibilities of technology with consumer desires.

Google Docs: So, you can rename documents...

A while back I complained you couldn’t change title on documents in Google Docs. Well, you can. It just wasn’t obvious to me how you do it. Just click on the title while the document is open, and you can change it.

MacBook Air - fair criticism?

Earlier this week Apple introduced a new line in their laptop lineup - the MacBook Air. On the web there’s been a number of people criticizing the MacBook Air, and frankly I really don’t get why they need to have every Apple product be a perfect match for them - they aren’t and they’re not supposed to be. “Top 10 Flaws of the Macbook Air” Let me add a few comments to some of the points on one of the lists criticizing the Macbook Air: