Moving from Wordpress to Hugo

This site has been running for 20+ years. Most of the years I’ve been using wordpress to post occasionally and have fun messing around.

Wordpress have been a moving target and gained more features through the years. Far more than I ever needed, and to keep simple I’ve decided to move to a simpler setup using the HugoCMS.

Getting to here

One of the benefits of Hugo is, that it’s easy to have it running locally and rapidly let you see changes and update you make to hugo configuraion, themes and content - and I’ve even used it across Linux and MacOS during migation.

I’ve used Brew on MacOS and build from source on Linux - and worked on the site on various machines, where the site under conversion was shared through a Dropbox (as it hat the least friction.

As the site is live now, I’ve moved off Dropbox and is using a private Git repositoy to mange the site configuration as well as my content.

I’m planning to write a few posts on the journey so far and what I plan to do moving forward. Right now, the site is live on Hugo CMS, and as it’s a static site generator you’re actually just viewing this page in pre-generated HTML.

Welcome, to a new and faster site.