Github activity fail

Github is quite a fantastic service for source code management and hosts a suite of wonderful tools which can help you manage the development, tracking issues and much more.

One of the fun things is the github activity dashboard located on your personal frontpage which shows how much you’ve done.

I’m sure it’s mostly a fun thing and it allows you to sort of get an idea of it the account is dead or alive. Some seem to have pride in having a green carpet showing long periods of continuous activity.

Beware though, that the activity dashboard is based on the truth as it’s seeing it now.

If you delete a repository on github, all activity associated with the repository is removed from history and does no longer exist in Github history - this does not seem to be covered on the contributions count page

I suppose it’s a reasonable way of doing it, but as I’ve been having fun with Advendt of Code this year and finishing it most days (including uploading the finished code to github), one should expect a fairly “green December” on my activity dashboard, but as I deleted the AdventOfCode-2020 repository and moved the code to a folder in the adventofcode repository.

The issue may have been caused as I copied the files to the new repo and didn’t resort to a complicated move maintaining the history of the files being moved, but one might feel slightly disappointed to lose a nice commit streak :(