Roaming todo-lists

I’ve been exploring todo lists for a while, but so far not found the ideal solution. I did however get a mighty step closer after Schack told me about a firefox plugin called Quickfox Notes.

Before introducing Quickfox notes, let me spend a second on my daily workflow in broad terms. I usually have Firefox running 8+ hours a day. Either browsing the web, doing web development or just by habit. I work on several machines - A few Linux laptops and an iMac at home. As I use several machines, I’ve been a huge fan of bookmark synchronization. I tried Mozilla Weave for a while, but their lack of PowerPC support (on an other Mac), eventually made me switch to FoxMarks - which is now called Xmarks. Xmarks has worked flawless since day one, and it’s one of the very first plugins I always install along with firefox on any machine I use.

Quickfox Notes is a way to store notes in the Bookmark-engine in firefox. It sounds odd, but it works really well. There aren’t any fancy formatting options - think notepad - but to keep a basic todo-list, code samples and other short texts, it works quite well. The killer feature of Quickfox is the combination with roaming (or syncing) bookmarks - If Quickfox otes is installed along with Xmarks (, Weave or any other bookmark syncing dervice), it provides you with note-syncing too.