Security can be easy

It’s often the case that security is an inconvenience and gets in the way of usability and ease of use. There are exceptions though and for a number of weeks I’ve been playing with the Yubikey (thanks to Schack) from Yubico.

It’s a small device, which plugs into a USB port, and to the computer acts as a keyboard. It has some advanced security build-in with the ability to generate one-time verifiable passwords, but is incredible easy to use – plug it into the USB port and press the single button when you need to sign in to services supporting the Yubikey.

I’ve been useing it with OpenID sign-ins and Wordpress logins, and it’s worked flawless everytime. The only important thing is to remember the Yubikey – without the little hardware token, you’re lost. If you need a secure sign-in solution, listen to security now to get the technology explained and contact Yubico, it’s seems to be as affordable as it is easy to use (and no, the post isn’t paid or sponsored, nor do I know anyone at Yubico).