WordPress plugins at work

Publishing a list of which pluins you use seems to be popular among WordPress users, so here’s my contribution in case you’re wondering, which plugins are in use around this site.

In line:


If you think I’m missing out on some essential plugins, please leave a comment. With the overwhelming number of plugins for wordpress, it’s quite hard to find the cool, the ones you need and the ones to avoid.

The new design

Just in case you’re wondering, this new design isn’t a homebrew. Moving content and other stuff from the old (movable type powered) site to this new platform was hard enough without me having to challenge myself to come up with a design and learn how to create a wordpress theme from scratch.

The core of the design is from gluedideas’ subtle theme. I’ve made it 200 pixels wider than the orgininal, but that’s about it on the theme side of this. I will probably switch the default header image (and colours) with images of my own at some point.

I’ve also hacked a pit in the plug-ins I’m using, to make sure the site (probably) validates (as XHTML 1.0), but I’ll get back to the plug-ins I’m using at a later post.

WordPress live…

Somethings changed. There’s a new look on the site and there’s a new engine under the hood. It’s seemed to be the time to switch from Movable Type to WordPress – instead of the constant fighting with MovableType to keep things together a few years (after making too many hacks all around the MT-files), this new site hardly has a single hack – it’s just by the book and pieced together by standard components.

The intial migration started some 6 months ago, and while it should have been finished long ago, it never got to a ”ready state”. And no it isn’t there yet. There are still some broken areas on the site, but I’ll get around to the – eventually … an probably.

Thank you fellow WordPress-users at the office for helpful advice, suggestions and other input along this journey.

No comments

The option to leave comments on this site has now been disabled. A new version of the website is coming and the pain comments – from time to time – causes with movable type (in terms of comment spam, server load and likewise issues) is really not worth the trouble. You will quite possible be able to leave a comment once the new version is launched, but until then sorry, no comments.

The legacy Pain

When your fresh young company, you can do everything right from the start – choose the right tools, use the best technology and make a lean mean profit machine. When your an elder company, you usually have a lot of legacy and history to carry on. While trying to move this website from Movable Type to a fresh WordPress engine, I just realized, that a website almost 10 years old, also have a lot of legacy issues, which I need to handle 🙂

To www or not to www that is the question

I usually prefer surfing without www in front of domain names, and I do somehow except the site to act graceful no matter if the www is there or not. If you’ve been surfing with the www extension to this site the past few days, you accidentally hit my test-site with an access denied message. Sorry about that, but a major change is coming… hopefully soon.

Gallery2 – moving to new URL

Long ago I installed Gallery2. It was initially just a test installation to see if it worked, as it should. Being a test install it was just placed at /g2/ on this server. Time passed. It just worked and before long, there were a large number of photos (with metadata) in the gallery. So how do you move it to a slightly more suitable location without breaking too many things?
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Look Sharp

After finishing the redesign project on tdc.dk, I found a few hours to finish the redesign of this site. The former look never really got around to looking somewhat decent in Internet Explorer and never worked very well in general (except for some prettier colors). This look is an odd mixture of nifty cube, Yahoo User Interface Library, Movable Type and some homebrewed components. Should you find any serious issues, let me know.