It’s been quiet here for a while, but be things have been happening behind the scenes. In case your wondering the site (and surroundings) have been seeing a number of updates which eventually may make it into separate posts.

  • I’m running on a Digital Ocean droplet. It was provisioned as an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which is dead by now (as in no more updates including security updates). The server has now been roll up to an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS in place.
  • As I was messing around with the server, I’ve added IPv6 support.
  • The DNS has been updated to have full support for DNSSEC.
  • My Let’s Encrypt Certificates now has automated certificate renewals and I’ve upgraded to CAA support.
  • The Webserver has been switched from Apache to NGINX.
  • The PHP has been switched from PHP 5.6 series to a modern 7.0.
  • I’m adopting full Git-backed backup of all server setup and configuration using BitBucket.org. It’s not complete but most config files have been added and managed using GitHub.

These was the majority of changes on the site and server the past few months. With these updates in place, I might get back to producing content for the site.

Welcome to the "new" old site

Let’s call it lift off… This site has been online in some form or another for 10+ years. During that time I’ve been runing a static HTML site (eventually with a few CGI’s), later on Movable Type a few years and most recently an odd mixture of WordPress, Gallery2 and custom code. During the past months I’ve been trying to make things somewhat simpler, and what you’re looking at right now, is the first step – a new look (though a standard WordPress theme and a drastically reduced plugin collection).

There are loads of broken links, and currently the entire photo gallery is more or less off-line. Don’t panic though – you can still see some of my images on iStockPhoto and some of the images will return on the site as WordPress Galleries.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m sure things will improve eventually – featuring less broken links and more content.

A Premium look

Welcome to a fresh look on netfactory.dk. I’ve never been quite satisfied with the old look, and stumbled across the WP_Premium theme which looked quite nice. It’s now live in a lightly hacked version.

Therre are quite a few things I’d like to hack further but in the spirit of the Internet Way of doing things, it’s probably best to release something slightly broken – and let updates happen “when I find the time”(tm).

Outsourcing blog parts

It seems to be very modern to outsource thse days, and I’m trying to keep up. A while back I switched my RSS feeds from WordPress Build-in services to FeedBurner. It was a win-win. Has a lot less load and feedburner does a lot of work to make sure the Feeds are in top-notch shape.

Yesterday another little change happended. All the website commenting were outsourced to Disqus. The signup procedure was a breze and they had a nice plugin available for wordpress making the switch a 5 second job. So far it seems to work well and once again the server hosting the website should have a smaller load in the future.

Backups, WordPress & GMail

Backups seem to be a constant pain for just about everyone. It’s something we know we should do, but somehow never get around to actually doing. Since switching to WordPress on this site, things have been different though.

One of my many installed wordpress Plugins is the WordPress Backup plugin. It runs once a day and makes a complete backup of my wordpress database (with all these precious posts) and sends it in a mail to my Gmail-account.

On my gmail account I have a filter, which sees these mails – it attaches a dedicated backup label and archives it (thus removing it from the inbox). Leaving a me with a backup of all the important data off site.

I have been checking the mailed files (that they actually are unzip’able and restoreable) and every once in a while I do delete all backups more than a week old (though I don’t need to with all the space available on the Gmail account).

It’s so easy, that there really wasn’t any reason not to have a current backup of the site, right?

Wanted (source)code plugin for WordPress

The past days I’ve been posting stories with a few code samples – Perl, PHP, Javasscript and/or HTML. While WordPress is fantastic to a number of things, handling sourcecode examples in the posts, reallly isn’t one of them.

I’ve been playing with a number of plugins, but none of them really works for me. What I’m looking for is this:

  • It must be able to handle HTML, Javasscript, PHP and Perl sourcecode.
  • The code samples should work with the visual editor (preferably entered in this, but ”code mode” is quite alright) – Visual post editing shouldn’t break the code example.
  • The plugin should be alive (maintained and tested with recent wordpress releases).

I would have thought it would have been easy to find a plugin that covered the above requirements, but so far I’ve had very little luck – any suggestions?

WordPress 404 Notifier broken?

While trying to respect the notion that URLs dont change, moving to a completely different engine for a website is bound to cause many URL changes. I’ve been trying to redirect old broken URLs to their new destination, and one of the tools was the 404 Notifier plugin for WordPress.

The idea is that you configure it to send you a mail every time a 404 error occur. I did that and configured it to mail me at my GMail address (with endless storeage). It seemed like a great idea, but somehow it seem to mail me plenty of false alerts.

Almost every page-view in my Gallery (ie. http://netfactory.dk/wpress/v/2002-12/0212b/PC210042.JPG.html ) is judged a 404 and thus a mail is send. I wonder if the plugin is only post & page aware – and not actually 404 notification service…