Recovery 404

So I thought I did a decent job of cleaning up and recovering the site after the evil crash a few months ago. Browsing through the 404 (file-not-found) logs sadly tells a different story. Damn. I was hoping to be fully recovered by New Years Eve. That’s probably a little too ambitious.

Upgrades and fixes

So after salvaging a bunch of content from Google’s cache and other sources, I’ve started working on getting the site back online with a new design and a few new surprises which has been due for quite a while. First step was bump up the MovableType engine to the 3.12 version and installing a bunch of plugins – MTBlackList, MTMultiblog and others.

I still need a few things left to do in the MT plugin department, but it seems a large number of plugins haven’t been upgraded to MT3.x or at least didn’t bother to tell if they work with MT3. Guess I’ll find the answer through testing then.

Online… again

Sometime during the night between Thursday and Friday last week, the disk RAID in this server burned two disks and forgot to enable the spare disk in the RAID. The server went down, the lights went out and the site (along with the other sites hosted here).

Thanks to a Linux Magician we have a new server running – and the content should eventually start to reappear with the next few days (and weeks).

Office: remove hidden data

Microsoft Office has gotten a lot of nice and helpful features in the latest version. One of the nice features is virtually unlimited undo capabilities. Unfortunately this feature can also leave some tracks for recipients of your documents – a new tool from Microsoft lets you clean your office documents before further distribution.
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