Small smart books

It’s always nice to see the Internet enable new businesses and products to exist, and the pragmatic programmers has in their latest venture – Fridays – shown a new interesting idea (which I’m sure others has done before, but not in the same quality I expect from them). Small books in PDF format only available online – fewer pages, lesser price, narrow topic – it’s sounds quite interesting.

Do Repeat Yourself

It seems most developers has listen too much to the principle of “don’t repeat yourself”, and so otherwise bright developers in some cases strive too much to avoid repeating themselves and makes a mess of their systems but avoids repetitions completely. If your developer and reads about the DRY, do also remember the important step one: Think.
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Less is more

It should be a surprise, but most companies moving into the internet space doesn’t seem to get the fact that less is more. 37Signals just announced they cut 66% of the features of their next product giving them:

  • faster time to market
  • a product easier to design
  • lower cost of change

It’s really no surprise – right? Yet so many product managers seem to insist that the 100+ pages specification is the product they need in order to bring the product to the market.

There is something good about spam

Now usually spam is evil, annoying and a bloody pain. It does however have rare moments of actual usefulness. On an average day my mailbox seems to be stormed by more than two hundred spam mails from just about every where on the planet. Thanks to server-side filters combined with mozillas learning filters, they all seem to disappear into a consolidated spambox. I can check the box (too look for any false positives), and if the box hasn’t gotten any new mail for more than an hour, something is most likely wrong in my mail setup.

Mobile Market in Denmark

It’s an interesting time for the mobile market in Denmark. After wild and impressive expansion for years, almost everyone owns a mobile phone and the market don’t support the mad expansion rates any more. Currently we seem to be in consolidation mode, where first TDC bought (first Telefona and later the much more famous) Telmore. Today Sonofon then bought the biggest budget company using their network CBB.

With prices at rock bottom, it’ll be interesting to see how mobile companies will try to steal customers from each other and if small companies like M1 will survive.

Office Space

While project management often focuses on management of the processes,
information management and other work issues, one of the most important
areas often overlooked IMHO is the physical environment and how it may
improve efficiency of the project workers.

Joel Spolsky just moved is company to a new office and spent some time
to figure out how to improve “developer workspaces”. It quite an interesting

Project Management close to a deadline

I don’t know how many (Internet development) projects I’ve been on, but it’s quite a lot through the years. One thing happening over and over again is that all the ambitious goals of the project isn’t quite reached before the launch – and something is either cut short or not quite as polished as it should have been. Lately I’ve been wondering weather this is the right approach.
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