Mobile Market in Denmark

It’s an interesting time for the mobile market in Denmark. After wild and impressive expansion for years, almost everyone owns a mobile phone and the market don’t support the mad expansion rates any more. Currently we seem to be in consolidation mode, where first TDC bought (first Telefona and later the much more famous) Telmore. Today Sonofon then bought the biggest budget company using their network CBB.

With prices at rock bottom, it’ll be interesting to see how mobile companies will try to steal customers from each other and if small companies like M1 will survive.

Office: remove hidden data

Microsoft Office has gotten a lot of nice and helpful features in the latest version. One of the nice features is virtually unlimited undo capabilities. Unfortunately this feature can also leave some tracks for recipients of your documents – a new tool from Microsoft lets you clean your office documents before further distribution.
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Office Space

While project management often focuses on management of the processes,
information management and other work issues, one of the most important
areas often overlooked IMHO is the physical environment and how it may
improve efficiency of the project workers.

Joel Spolsky just moved is company to a new office and spent some time
to figure out how to improve “developer workspaces”. It quite an interesting

Project Management close to a deadline

I don’t know how many (Internet development) projects I’ve been on, but it’s quite a lot through the years. One thing happening over and over again is that all the ambitious goals of the project isn’t quite reached before the launch – and something is either cut short or not quite as polished as it should have been. Lately I’ve been wondering weather this is the right approach.
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The Meeting Clock

I’m sure the concept of pointless meetings is familiar – too many people gathered to discuss some issue but after spending hours together no decision has been reached – only the next meeting with a few more people. Here’s one tool which might help a little.

I should begin by noticing that the idea is not my own – it has been as far as I know been used before. I came across it at the Copenhagen Business School where one of the teachers in Organization told about it (and credited it to Søren T. Lyngsøe A/S).
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Hvem er her…

Velkommen til det danske område på dette site. Dette site er primært på engelsk, men du har fundet frem til det danske hjørne.

Dette er et personligt website drevet af Flemming Mahler. Jeg arbejder til dagligt i TDC Online, som leder af “WebArkitektur”. Det er os, der er laver og (blandt andet). Vores webservere leverer knap 100.000.000 sider pr måned. Når jeg ikke koder, så tager jeg en masse billeder med mit kamera og rejser verden rundt.

Hvis du kan engelsk, og vil vide (en lille smule mere) om mig, så kig under “About” punktet i menuen.