This site a personal media channel. I speek (and write) only as myself and no-one else at this site.

The site covers a range of issues (mainly technical/Internet related) which I either find interesting or sometimes know a thing or two about. I don’t spend to much time on quality assurence here, so some things may be broken, wrong or unstable. Use caution when surfing here.

My name is Flemming Mahler which is a not too unusual Danish name. Online you’ll often see me as just “mahler”. I’ve been working with the Internet since the Early 1990ies and is still boldly seeking out new grounds (and skills) online and offline.

I work at the largest Danish Communication Company – TDC – caring for the some of the digital channels we run – tdc.dk, yousee.dk and other brands in the TDC Group family. My contribution covers architecture,Ā development, operations on customer facing and middleware propperties.

My main website is in Danish. You’ll find it at htttp://mahler.io/