Welcome to the "new" old site

Let’s call it lift off… This site has been online in some form or another for 10+ years. During that time I’ve been runing a static HTML site (eventually with a few CGI’s), later on Movable Type a few years and most recently an odd mixture of WordPress, Gallery2 and custom code. During the past months I’ve been trying to make things somewhat simpler, and what you’re looking at right now, is the first step – a new look (though a standard WordPress theme and a drastically reduced plugin collection).

There are loads of broken links, and currently the entire photo gallery is more or less off-line. Don’t panic though – you can still see some of my images on iStockPhoto and some of the images will return on the site as WordPress Galleries.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m sure things will improve eventually – featuring less broken links and more content.