ZendStudio for Eclipse

For professional PHP development, nothing beats ZendStudio in my book. Currently ZendStudio is in the process of moving from a standalone application to something build on
top of Eclipse. I’m sure it might be a wise move on the long term, but there are a few things bugging me with th current version. The number one issue is shown in the screenshot to the right.

Would someone please tell either Eclipse or ZendStudio, that PHP files do not need to be build, compiled or what ever it is doing – besides wasting my time for a few minutes.

Simple Webpage Slideshow

At work we produce a few websites and have a few “web dashboards”. Wouldn’t it be nice, if public screens around the office could play a little loop mixing the websites and the dashboards together in a slideshow loop?

After an hour of javascript debugging, a nice little generic webpage slideshow was put together, and if you have a similar need a copy is now available in the lab. It’s simple, it should work in most browsers, and it probably has the least features of any slideshow out there.

A note on Tinyurl and security

It seems some websites produce horrifically long url’s and others (such as twitter) imposes some strict boundaries, which has created the need for sites such as tinyurl.com. With tinyurl you can post a long (even really long) url on the site and have a short (redirect through tinyurl) instead. It’s pretty smart, but I really don’t like being redirected to a secret destination.

On tinyurl.com they luckily have an option (if you have cookies enabled) which allows you not to auto-redirect. Instead you reach a page on tinyurl.com, are shown the destination and must click proceed to go on to the destination.

While I’m not using internet explorer, and shouldn’t be receptive with too many browser bugs, trojans and other malware, it’s quite nice to be able to check the destination when being redirected through a popular redirection site.