No comments

The option to leave comments on this site has now been disabled. A new version of the website is coming and the pain comments – from time to time – causes with movable type (in terms of comment spam, server load and likewise issues) is really not worth the trouble. You will quite possible be able to leave a comment once the new version is launched, but until then sorry, no comments.

The legacy Pain

When your fresh young company, you can do everything right from the start – choose the right tools, use the best technology and make a lean mean profit machine. When your an elder company, you usually have a lot of legacy and history to carry on. While trying to move this website from Movable Type to a fresh WordPress engine, I just realized, that a website almost 10 years old, also have a lot of legacy issues, which I need to handle 🙂

Top 3 developer vanities (or oversights)

Sometimes web developers forget, that they are not typical net users and develop websites and applications for themselves rather than the intended mainstream users. Too often we let ourselves slip into a “geek to geek world”, and forget, that many of the sites we create are not for geeks, but for common users. Here are the top three mistakes made across a large number of mainstream websites, as I’ve seen them.
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To www or not to www that is the question

I usually prefer surfing without www in front of domain names, and I do somehow except the site to act graceful no matter if the www is there or not. If you’ve been surfing with the www extension to this site the past few days, you accidentally hit my test-site with an access denied message. Sorry about that, but a major change is coming… hopefully soon.