Kubuntu update

The new scheduled update to Kubunu hit the net as planned a few days ago. The new release is named Edgy Eft (the previous release was called Dapper Drake). This is not a Long Term Support release, but it is a stable release, so I upgraded. While it wasn’t a completely smooth process, I was running and at full speed within an hour. Here’s how I did it.

The Dapper Drake was fully patched to the newest version of all installed packages. I had earlier on removed all packages I was (absolutely) certain I wouldn’t need – not as a preparation for an upgrade – less (software) is more (stable/bug-free). It’s really no too hard to install any packages you’ve removed, should you ever discover you need them.

Anyway, getting back to the upgrade. I brought the system to text-mode only.
I switched to root mode and edited the /etc/apt/sources.list. All text-strings called “dapper” were changed to “edgy”.

Then I initiated the big update:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I did a reboot, and was expecting to be running Edgy Eft. It booted and it looked fine. Some packages had, however, not been updated. 32 packages were kept back. I couldn’t find any reason.

The packages being kept back were mainly a lot of python stuff. After some googling around, I found a post where someone had described the same kind of issues. They proposed solution was to use aptitude instead of apt-get.

It tried running sudo aptitude upgrade – it resolved some of the issues, and repeating the aptitude command a few times to care of the rest.

I upgraded this past Friday, and so far everything seems to be running smoothly.

Should you run into truble, the Edgy Upgrades page seams quite helpful.