I finally get it. QuickSilver that is. Its an application for the Mac OSX and is the best friend any OSX Power User can have. I’ve downloaded it a couple of times, tried to figure what it was and uninstalled it – but not any more. It’s just great and ought to be build into the OSX.

QuickSilver is sort of a power tools basically has made my muse workless today. It’s a power-edition of the Dock and it probably has a ton of undiscovered features I haven’t figured out yet.

Currently the big hit with QuickSilver is it allows you to launch (or do something) with a few brief keyboard short cuts and that really rock.

It seem to have a notification system build-in somehow, but I haven’t figured it out, but if it rocks as much as the parts of QuickSilver I’m already using, it may just be time of Growl to leave my machine (though it is pretty neat too).

If you haven’t figured QuickSilver out – install it, launch it and try pressing Control plus space (the default QuickSilver launch combination) – type a few letters of the application you want and press enter – it’s launched and ready to go.