Phase 1 complete

Operation redesign – a secret behind the scenes project after the big crash of November 2004 – has been completed. As a visible result some of the pages now look somewhat different, but there’s more.

The core foundation in the new design is ”NetFactory Tree” a home-brewed, not too fancy but pretty damn efficient site engine, which manages the design (sort of). It’s a fun mixture of database hierarchies, Smarty templates and other magic stuff – which almost work.

Since I’m more of a developer than a designer, the site should currently be viewed in the Mozilla Family of browsers (Firefox, Seamonkey and others). It’s passable in Safari and Internet Explorer, and it will probably eventually be fixed to look somewhat the same as in Firefox (until then, please switch to Firefox now).

I’ve come to discover that the content in many of the sites corners is in a pretty mess. If you know my email address and discovers something broken – do let me know. I am checking it slowly, but the contents have proven to be somewhat larger than expected.

Until phase 2 launches – have a safe and happy new year.