iPod reactions from the past

Web archives and the IT-business has always been a fun combination. Some sites with great expectations crash and burn fast – while other underdogs seem to make it quite well. Predictions and initial expectations seems to be just as bad no matter if it’s hardware, software or devices… Take these iPod comments from the initial launch as a great example, that you really shouldn’t try too hard to predict that future of IT too stubbornly.

Project Management – From tada to todo

I do like and appluade 37Signals for their narrow focus on small but efficient and unbloated online applications and I was probably an early adopter of their tadalists – a tool for managing todolists. While I didn’t use them as actual todolists, they were more like a place to collect thoughs and move them (usually) into project plans which lived elsewere. That has come to an end. I’ve switched to an other wonderful system called Remember The Milk.
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