Clientside sortable tables with memory

It’s been awhile since Stuart Langridge released some cool javascript which allows you t do client-side sorting of tables in an unobtrusive manner. Soon after Andy Edmonds released a merge with a function to made alternating row coloring he had made. Now Caspar has done a little magic and added (cookie) memory to the script – so it remember you most recent sort from visit to visit. The code is in my pre-alpha markup area.

Recovery 404

So I thought I did a decent job of cleaning up and recovering the site after the evil crash a few months ago. Browsing through the 404 (file-not-found) logs sadly tells a different story. Damn. I was hoping to be fully recovered by New Years Eve. That’s probably a little too ambitious.

Protocol relative linking

An odd discovery today – if you don’t specify a protocol in your links, the browser apparently suppose it’s the same (be that http or https) as the current page. You can se it in action on Slashdot by viewing their source – none of the regular links has protocol specification – they just start with two slashes and the hostname (ie. //

In the case of Slashdot I suppose they don’t use it to save bandwidth, but in most cases it’s probably useless.

(Discovered by mkyed).