To Mac or not

So, I’ve been wondering if I should by a Mac. Windows works for me, but causes a fairly large number of headaches. Linux is nice for server use, but I’m not nerdish enough to get a desktop running. With the many positive reviews, switching stories and others I was thinking of going Mac.

Since OS X was introduced Mac machines runs on a BSD core which makes it almost familiar grounds for people who knows the Unix world. Since the introduction they kept an amazing pace and regularly introduced new innovative features at regular intervals.

I do think their user interface has developed into something way beyond the Windows world, and with the Unix core using the machine for offline development (Perl/PHP/Ruby with Mysql) should be much more like Linux than the tricky and mysterious world of Windows.

Buying is hard though. I’ve been trying to figure out if I should be buying an iMac, an iBook or a PowerBook, but figuring how much CPU power is “enough” and which specs and differences are the most important (- I know that the iMac isn’t a laptop, but the new version is “portable” – and how much more power does the G5 have compared to the G4?)

I’ve been listening in on the Danish usenet mac group, where others have asked for advice, but there really doesn’t seem to be a clear choice – there differences between the models and there’s no easy way to tell which will matter the most. Damn.